Circumference of Silence book cover

Chapter 1: Circumference of Silence

October 26, 2014

Mali Feuer stands outside her mother’s door, struggling to fit the key into the lock. The narrow, carpeted hallway is dim, stuffy. Talk show voices bark unintelligible words at her from inside the apartment next door. Now the key is in, but won’t turn. With an impatient huff, she yanks her messenger bag off her shoulder, and along with her mother’s mail, drops it to the floor. Unencumbered, she tries again, this time pulling the door in tight and turning the key at the same time. The bolt clicks back; the door gives way.

Through the window, at the opposite end of the living room, a strip of the East River glimmers, winking at her...

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Reading the first page of my novel, Circumference of Silence, to celebrate Women's Fiction Day on June 8th--just one month to publication day!

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I’m thrilled to announce that my debut novel, Circumference of Silence, has been released by Black Rose Writing. CLICK HERE to order.

“This author is either Jewish and lived this life or did excellent research on this topic. Her imagery and literary devices were brilliant. She draws you in immediately then unravels the story piece by piece keeping the reader engaged. It's a beautiful, touching book.”

Circumference of Silence made second place in the 2019 Women’s Fiction Writers Association’s Rising Star Award and Judges’ Favorite in the 2018 Ink & Insights novel excerpt contest.

Judges' Favorite Ink & Insights
Women's Fiction Writers Association
Women's Fiction Writers Association

Watch me in a panel discussion: World Studios presents Special Edition: Annie & her guests chat about the challenges of writing about the Holocaust.

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